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標題: 使用影像區塊進行獨立成份分析之模糊影像還原
Image Restoration Using Independent Component Analysis on a Specific Region
作者: 陳廷杰
Chen, Ting-Chieh
關鍵字: 獨立成份分析;模糊影像還原;影像區塊;模糊函數
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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本篇論文將獨立成份分析(Independent Component Analysis,ICA)的技術應用在模糊影像還原上,利用其能夠將混合訊號中的每一個獨立訊號分離的特性,來估測模糊函數(Point Spread Function,PSF);相較於傳統方法為了估測模糊函數而使用大量的迭代,使得運算過程的時間複雜度提高,並且可能有不穩定的情況發生;論文中提到的方法運算方式簡易,且不需要太多的事前資訊,從實驗結果可以觀察到與現有的方法比較,呈現了一定的水準之上,加上使用影像區塊的處理方式,更加強了運算過程的穩定性。

Deblurring is a challenging problem in many digital image processing applications. The sources of degradation can be misfocus, for example many images suffer from lens out of focus blur because of manufacturing limitations etc. A digital image can suffer blurring from a single or a combination of various PSFs(Point Spread Functions). Therefore the blur image restoration becomes a popular issue.
Most existing methods require certain knowledge about the prior information, for example the blurring process of image, and their effect depends on the amount of prior information obtained. However, the prior information is usually unknown.
Independent component analysis(ICA) is a useful method for recovering signals from their mixtures and can be applied for finding PSF in this paper. Often an iterative procedure is required for estimating the PSF and is computational complex and expensive, also, it is sometimes instable. The method proposed in this thesis is simple and does not require prior information regarding the blurring process. The proposed method has been tested on degraded images and the results are compared to those of existing methods. Experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms some other methods and shows good stability.
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