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標題: 牙齒X光片與牙齒治療之分類方法
Effective Classification Methods for Dental Radiographs and Dental Works
作者: 余俊德
Yu, Jyun-De
關鍵字: Dental Radiographs;牙齒X光片;Dental Works;牙齒治療;牙齒辨識
出版社: 資訊網路多媒體研究所
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In recent years, identity recognition technology is widely used in daily life, such as: iris, fingerprints, voice prints, facial recognition ... and so on. Varieties of biological characteristics are quickly applied in control, transaction security, law enforcement and other related fields. However, in the field of the legal profession, victims and biological characteristics of the behavior are often damaged cause of major accidents. Teeth are the hardest body tissue that can resist high temperatures and strong impact. It is very suitable as a basis for identification of the victims. Because of traditional method of dental identification required to identify on a large database manually, it is a time consuming and ineffective approach. An automated dental identification system is proposed to find the best fit people by comparing dental radiographs of victims (post-mortem) and the dental radiographs on database are recorded before his death (ante-mortem). In addition, all kinds of dental work, including filling, crowns, implants ... and so on have different characteristic, it can be used as a basis for supporting the identity recognition. Therefore, this paper proposed two methods, one is a hierarchical feature extraction method of classifying dental radiographs effectively. The other is a morphological feature extraction of classifying dental work effectively. An automated dental identification system can be achieved by these effective classifications.
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