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標題: 適用於3G網路之新IP spoofing封包過濾機制
A new mechanism of IP spoofing packet filtering for the 3G network
作者: 王信正 
Wang, Shin-Cheng 
關鍵字: GTP(GPRS Tunnelling Protocol);分散式阻斷服務攻擊(DDos);IP欺瞞(IP spoofing);直連通道(Direct Tunnel)
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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由於網路攻擊大多藉由IP spoofing 方法進行攻擊並以此掩護攻擊者的來源,使得被攻擊者無法明確找出攻擊者的真正來源而無法有效的防止攻擊,所以本論文利用GTP(GPRS Tunnelling Protocol)協定特性而設計一封包過濾機制,有效的防止3G行動裝置藉由IP spoofing方法進行之任何形式的網路攻擊,並可正確標示攻擊來源以提供網路管理者統計或採取必要之管控措施。

The launch of HSDPA and HSPA services in 3G network provides users more bandwidth for uplink and downlink.This allows more network applications to be achieved.The convenience of powerful smart phones makes mobile internet access more and more popular. However, for most mobile terminals,it is not easy and effective to foil virus or hack attacks.As a result,many mobile terminals will most likely to become Corpse computers.
IP spoofing has often been exploited to conceal the attack sources since one cannot clearly identify the true source of the attacker.So it is difficult to prevent attacks.In this thesis, we use the GTP (GPRS Tunnelling Protocol) protocol characteristics to design a packet filtering mechanism. It can effectively prevent the 3G mobile devices from any of network attack based on IP spoofing method. Furthermore it can identify the source of attacker correctly.
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