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標題: 基於多尺度雙向濾波器和IHS轉換的一種新的全色態與多光譜影像融合技術
A New Fusion Approach for Panchromatic and Multi-spectral Images based on Multi-scale Bilateral Filtering and IHS Transform
作者: 王世翼
Wang, Shih-Yi
關鍵字: Phen-Lan Lin;影像融合;Chu-Hui Lee;遙測影像;全色態影像;多光譜影像;雙向濾波器
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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此篇論文中,我們提出一種新的利用多重解析度以適當的分解尺度提取影像,在衛星影像中,為了得到具有高解析度的彩色衛星影像,全色態影像(PAN)與多光譜影像(MS)的融合是非常重要的議題。此篇論文中,結合兩類方法,選擇首重保留空間解析度方法與選擇首重保留多光譜影像色彩資訊的多尺度分解方法,我們透過IHS轉換法的特性,並結合Multi-Scale Bilateral Filter來設計出一個新的且有效的融合方法,用來解決傳統融合方法所造成的光譜失真問題。本篇論文將融合步驟分為兩個階段。 第一階段將多光譜影像進行IHS轉換,並預先將多光譜影像的I值與全色態影像進行Multi-Scale Bilateral Filter分解,將全色態影像與多光譜影像分解成相對應的光譜資訊影像與空間資訊影像,並透過有效的評估方法使我們決定恰到好處地分解層數,解決分解不足造成空間解析度萃取也不足,也避免過度分解則融合的光譜影像分量過度稀釋,我們所提方法非常有效的降低其間的光譜誤差。實驗的結果顯示,我們提出的方法最能夠保留完整的解析度、並且與其他學者所提方法相比將光譜誤差降到最低。

In this paper, a new fusion approach for panchromatic and multispectral images is proposed. To deal with MS image, we firstly apply IHS transform to MS image in order to separate the intensity component from hue and saturation ones. Then, the salient and complementary information of PAN and MS images are extracted by using multi-scale bilateral filtering strategy so that high-frequency information in PAN images, such as edge and texture, are extracted as much as possible, and most of spectral information in the intensity component of MS image is also held in the last approximation image. The fused intensity image is generated by reversing the multi-scale bilateral filtering with the last approximation image of PAN image replaced by that of MS image. Finally our fusion result is obtained by performing reverse IHS transform with new fused intensity image together with the original saturation and hue of MS image. With our fusion scheme, high-frequency information from PAN image is preserved as much as possible and spectral distortion problem can be reduced. In our experiments, SAM, ERGAS and PSNR measurements are adapted to fairly evaluate the performance of each method. In three typical image sets, our fusion method performs better than others in the quantitative and visual analysis.
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