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標題: 有效率的可搜尋多關鍵字之對稱加密法
Efficient Conjunctive Keyword-Based Symmetric Searchable Encryption
作者: 張儷子
Chang, Li-Tzu
關鍵字: 對稱式加密、可搜尋加密、多關鍵字搜尋、暗門(Trapdoor)
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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In the era of cloud computing, private information in the open network server can be accessed anywhere and anytime. As a result, the protection of personal private informa-tion becomes very important. Keyword-searchable encryption has been proposed to protect private information stored in servers while allowing clients to retrieve needed information based on keyword searching. In this thesis, we propose an efficient key-word-searchable encryption scheme. The proposed scheme with conjunctive keyword search is secure against adaptive chosen keyword attacks. Moreover, comparing to pre-vious schemes, the proposed scheme has lower communication overhead and computa-tion cost.
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