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標題: Zigbee應用於電腦機櫃的安全性整合
Zigbee Used in Computer Facilities Integration of Security
作者: 李仁堯
Li, Jen-Yao
關鍵字: 無線感測;Zigbee
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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在資安的領域中,ISO27001 國際安全標準是近幾年來,國內政府主要推廣的項目,而其中實體安全的管理,一直是很重要的項目,在電腦機房管理要點中,都會有訂定,相對應的資安政策;如何在有限的人力配合,且符合資安規範的要求下,又能分身同時兼顧多個廠商人員進出機房的維運事務,在無線感測設備技術中找到了可行的方案,來達成管理能力的提升及資安的加強。

Wireless sensor network technology has been a very important issue in recent years, from Infrared ray to Bluetooth, RFID and ZigBee. Varied applications are developed with different attributes. Compared to other technologies, ZigBee has high reliability and high scalability features, and the low cost and power plays a major factor in this paper.
In recent years ISO27001 international safety standards has been the government’s major promotion project in the field of Information Security, especially the management of physical security. It formulates the corresponding security policy according to the management guidelines of computer facilities; Wireless sensor technology finds the access to enhance the management ability and strengthen Information Security, which satisfies the maintenance of multiple vendor personnel access to computer facilities with limited manpower and the requirements of Information Security.
Through setting the sensors in the computer cabinet and maintenance person,the computer is able to receive wireless sensor messages within the computer facilities .Whether vender person is authorized or unauthorized to open the computer cabinet, the administrator''s system will receive messages and recognize the abnormal situation corresponding the automatic alert and monitor device. This technology advances the management of the Computer Facilities.
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