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標題: 一個延伸UCIS-X索引檔以整合分散式XML資料的方法
An Extension of UCIS-X Indexing Method for Integrating Distributed XML Data
作者: 許金玉
Hsu, Chin-Yu
關鍵字: XML索引;XML Index;UCIS-X;XLink;XPointer;分散式XML資料;UCIS-X;XLink;XPointer;Distributed XML data
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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故本研究的目的是延伸UCIS-X(Updatable Compacted Indexing Scheme for XML documents)索引方法,加入支援XLink/XPointer的查詢功能,建立一個兼具索引機制、XPath查詢語法與樹狀結構圖瀏覽功能的系統,本系統可以透過文件中的XLink屬性,整合多個XML文件,達成分散式環境中的資料透通性(data transparency)。

XML(Extensible Markup Language), a semi-structured markup language, is a widely used standard format for data exchange and storage of documents on the Web. In recent years, many XML indexing methods have been proposed to speed up query processing. However, when the XML document contains XLink and XPointer elements, which are used to represent the association between the file resources, most of the indexing methods ignore the underlying information of XLink and XPointer.
Most of researches on handling queries involving XLink/XPointer focused on transferring XLink/ XPointer elements to HTML-like hyperlinks. Then the users can view the information of XLink/XPointer elements through the browser. Although there are some papers employing the XLink/XPointer mechanism for expressing references between XML documents, they didn’t integrate the indexing methods into the systems.
The purpose of this thesis is to enhance the functions of the UCIS-X(an Updatable Compacted Indexing Scheme for XML documents)so that distributed XML documents that are linked by XLink/XPointer can be queried transparently. A system that includes the indexing mechanism, query processing, and browsing capabilities is also developed.
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