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標題: 一個有效減少資料中心基礎資源分配的虛擬機器搬移方法
An Effective VM Migration Method to Reduce Resource Usage in Data Center
作者: 張天釋
Chang, Tien-Shih
關鍵字: 雲端運算;Cloud Computing;資料中心;虛擬機器搬移;Data Center;VM Migration
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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Data center is an essential infrastructure in cloud computing which offers different types of resources for the services of cloud computing. An important issue is how to effectively use resources in the data center. In addition, in order to improve resource utilization, virtualization technique has been widely used in the data centers in recently years. In same time, when many virtual machines are concentrated on a server, the resource utilization of server can be promoted effectively.
In this thesis, we investigate how to reduce resource usage with using virtualization technique in data centers. We propose a method which can reduce resource fragments and resource allocations by using VM migrations. Moreover, the method can be used in multiple resource types.
In the simulation experiments, we select 5800 servers from the data centers to proceed resource reallocation. The simulation results show our scheme can decrease 8% resource fragments, and 3% resource allocations.
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