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標題: 世界迷霧-在智慧型手機上紀錄一輩子的足跡
Fog of World – An app recording your whole-life footprint in your smartphone
作者: 王崇仁
Wang, Chong-Ren
關鍵字: 智慧型手機;iOS;資料庫設計;地理位置;渲染系統;資料結構;Smartphone;iPhone;iPad;database design;rendering system;data structure
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
引用: [1] MongoDB. [2] Mercator projection. [3] Reverse geocoding. [4] iOS. [5] iPhone. [6] iPad. [7] iCloud. [8] GPX: the GPS Exchange Format. [9] BSON: Binary JSON.
I have designed and implemented the Fog of World, an app running on a smartphone for recording everywhere a user has been in his or her whole life time. It also provides information such as the percentage of area a user has explored around the world, around a continent, and around a country.
The app consists of three primary components which are built from the ground up to deliver high performance and low storage usage while running on handheld devices with limited resources. These components include a document-oriented database for recording a large number of geographic coordinates, a data model incorporating the database to query and generate various information, and a rendering system for drawing the fog covering where a user hasn’t been on the map.
The design of this app makes it possible to store a person''s whole-life footprint and represent them on the map without notable delay in modern handheld devices where CPU and storage resources are limited and precious. The goal of this app is to encourage people to explore around the world and remember everywhere they have been. It also helps people to discover new places nearby them but they never know.
In this thesis, I present the core aspects of the design, decisions made for implementation, and some benchmarks in the real world.
其他識別: U0005-0808201216395100
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