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標題: 使用智慧型行動裝置之基於生物識別技術的遠端使用者認證機制
A Biometric-based Remote User Authentication Using Smart Mobile Devices
作者: 張惠喻
Chang, Hui Yu
關鍵字: 身份識別;user authentication;指紋識別;生物識別;智慧型行動裝置;攝影鏡頭;微距攝影;fingerprint identify;biometric-based;intelligent mobile devices
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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隨著智慧型行動裝置在硬體上不斷的精進,配備高階攝影鏡頭之行動裝置是各家業者主要發展的方向。在本研究中參考Mohammed S. Khalil等人研究 [11],利用行動裝置上配備的攝影鏡頭擷取微距拍攝的指紋影像後,隨即在裝置上經過一連串的影像前處理,取得指紋特徵值並將其融入本文提出的基於生物識別技術的遠端使用者身份認證機制。在可接受的時間複雜度內提升認證機制更高的安全性並改善多項傳統以使用者帳號密碼為主的身份識別機制弱點。

Nowadays, intelligent mobile devices affect people’s live style and the demand of software. Moreover, intelligent mobile devices encourage the software industry to develop rapidly. Remote user authentication of e-commerce and m-commerce has become one of the important security issues.
With the improvement of hardware of intelligent mobile device, equipped with advanced camera which takes HD photos, a close-up micrograph is the developing direction of all manufacturers. In 2012, Khaalil and Kurniawan proposed to use the build in camera on intelligent mobile device to fetch fingerprint images and pre-processing biometric characteristics. In this thesis, we base on their idea with the and propose a biometric-based remoter user authentication scheme, The proposed scheme provide higher security within an acceptable time complexity and improve the weaknesses of traditional password based authentication scheme.
Key words:
user authentication, fingerprint identify, biometric-based, intelligent mobile devices
其他識別: U0005-1508201302362000
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