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1-Curcumin reduces pulmonary tumorigenesis in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-overexpressing transgenic miceTung, Yu-Tang; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Shen, Chih-Jie; Lai, Yi-Wen; Chen, Chuan-Mu
2-alpha-Adducin Translocates to the Nucleus upon Loss of Cell-Cell AdhesionsChen, Chien-Lin; Lin, Yu-Ping; Lai, Ying-Chu; Chen, Hong-Chen-
3-Mitochondrial energy metabolism in young bamboo rhizomes from Bambusa oldhamii and Phyllostachys edulis during shooting stageChien, Lee-Feng; Wu, Yuan-Chin; Chen, Hui-Ping-
4-Gefitinib induces apoptosis in human glioma cells by targeting Bad phosphorylationChang, Cheng-Yi; Shen, Chiung-Chyi; Su, Hong-Lin; Chen, Chun-Jung-
5-Characterization of Axon Formation in the Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived MotoneuronPan, Hung-Chuan; Wu, Ya-Ting; Shen, Shih-Cheng; Wang, Chi-Chung; Tsai, Ming-Shiun; Cheng, Fu-Chou; Lin, Shinn-Zong; Chen, Ching-Wen; Liu, Ching-San; Su, Hong-Lin
6-FAK is required for the assembly of podosome rosettesPan, Yi-Ru; Chen, Chien-Lin; Chen, Hong-Chen
7-The extrinsic proteins of an oxygen-evolving complex in marine diatom Cylindrotheca fusiformisShieh, Gow-Jen; Chien, Lee-Feng; Pan, Rong-Long-
8-Enzymatic antioxidant response to low-temperature acclimation in the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensisChien, Lee-Feng; Vonshak, Avigad-
9-A New Variety of Musa itinerans (Musaceae) in TaiwanChiu, Hui-Lung; Shii, Chou-Tou; Yang, T.Y.Aleck
10-Diversity and biogeography of freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura: Potamidae, Gecarcinucidae) from East AsiaShih, Hsi-Te; Peter, K.L.NG-
11-Pleistocene speciation of freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Potamidae: Geothelphusa) from northern Taiwan and southern Ryukyus, as revealed by phylogenetic relationshipsShih, Hsi-Te; Peter, K.L.Ng; Naruse, Tohru; Shokita, Shigemitsu; Liu, Min-Yun-
12-Methylation microarray analysis of late-stage ovarian carcinomas distinguishes progression-free survival in patients and identifies candidate epigenetic markersSusan, H.Wei; Chen, Chuan-Mu; Strathdee, Gordon; Harnsomburana, Jaturon; Shyu, Chi-Ren; Rahmatpanah, Farahnaz; Shi, Huidong; Ng, Shu-Wing; Pearlly, S.Yan; Kenneth, P.Nephew; Brown, Robert; Huang2, Tim Hui-Ming-
13-Recent vicariant and dispersal events affecting the phylogeny and biogeography of East Asian freshwater crab genus Nanhaipotamon (Decapoda: Potamidae)Shih, Hsi-Te; Zhou, Xian-Min; Chen, Guo-Xiao; Chien, I-Chu; Peter, K.L.Ng-
15-Differential expression and regulation of iron-regulated metal transporters in Arabidopsis halleri and Arabidopsis thaliana - the role in zinc toleranceShanmugam, Varanavasiappan; Lo, Jing-Chi; Wu, Chia-Lin; Wang, Shan-Li; Lai, Chong-Cheong; Erin, L.Connolly; Huang, Jing-Ling; Yeh, Kuo-Chen-
16-New insights into fish ion regulation and mitochondrion-rich cellsHwanga, Pung-Pung; Lee, Tsung-Han-
17-The Infection of Chicken Tracheal Epithelial Cells with a H6N1 Avian Influenza VirusShen, Ching-I; Wang, Ching-Ho; Shen, Shih-Cheng; Lee, Hsiu-Chin; Liao, Jiunn-Wang; Su, Hong-Lin
18-Establishment of functional rumen bacterial consortia (FRBC) for simultaneous biohydrogen and bioethanol production from lignocelluloseHo, Cheng-Yu; Chang, Jui-Jen; Lin, Jia-Jen; Chin, Tsu-Yuan; Mathew, Gincy Marina; Huang, Chieh-Chen-
19-Regulation of Androgen Receptor and Prostate Cancer Growth by Cyclin-dependent Kinase 5Hsu, Fu-Ning; Chen, Mei-Chih; Chiang, Ming-Ching; Lin, Eugene; Lee, Yueh-Tsung; Huang, Pao-Hsuan; Lee, Guan-Shun; Lin, Ho-
20-Characterization and Regulation of the Osmolyte Betaine Synthesizing Enzymes GSMT and SDMT from Halophilic Methanogen Methanohalophilus portucalensisLai, Shu-Jung; Lai, Mei-Chin
21-The Defective Proteasome but Not Substrate Recognition Function Is Responsible for the Null Phenotypes of the Arabidopsis Proteasome Subunit RPN10Lin, Ya-Ling; Sung, Shu-Chiun; Tsai, Hwang-Long; Yu, Ting-Ting; Radjacommare, Ramalingam; Usharani, Raju; Antony, S.Fatimababy; Lin, Hsia-Yin; Wang, Ya-Ying; Fu, Hongyong
22-Identification of sex-specific polymorphic sequences in the goat amelogenin gene for embryo sexingS.H.Wu; H.L.Chen; Y.T.Tung; W.T.K.Cheng; J.C.Huang; C.M.Chen-
23-Gingyo-San Enhances Immunity and Potentiates Infectious Bursal Disease VaccinationHung, Che-Ming; Yeh, Chia-Chou; Chong, Kowit-Yu; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Chen, Jiun-Yu; Kao, Shung-Te; Yen, Chih-Ching; Yeh, Ming-Hsien; Lin, Maw-Sun; Chen, Chuan-Mu
24-Spread of hepatitis E virus among different-aged pigs: two-year survey in TaiwanWu, Jaw-Ching; Chen, Chuan-Mu; Chiang, Tzen-Yuh; Tsai, Wen-Hsuan; Jeng, Wen-Juei; Sheen, I-Jane; Lin, Chen-Chen; Meng, Xiang-Jin-
25-Methanogenic Archaea Isolated from Taiwan's Chelungpu FaultWu, Sue-Yao; Lai, Mei-Chin-
26-Aerosolized Human Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase Prevents Hyperoxia-Induced Lung InjuryYen, Chih-Ching; Lai, Yi-Wen; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Lin, Chien-Yu; Chen, Wei; Kuan, Yu-Ping; Hsu, Wu-Huei; Chen, Chuan-Mu
27-Novel Nanohybrids of Silver Particles on Clay Platelets for Inhibiting Silver-Resistant BacteriaSu, Hong-Lin; Lin, Siou-Hong; Wei, Jiun-Chiou; Pao, I-Chuan; Chiao, Shu-Her; Huang, Chieh-Chen; Lin, Shinn-Zong; Lin, Jiang-Jen
28-The significance of Her2 on androgen receptor protein stability in the transition of androgen requirement in prostate cancer cellsHsu, Fu-Ning; Yang, Min-Shiou; Lin, Eugene; Tseng, Chun-Fu; Lin, Ho-
29-Heliothis zea Nudivirus 1 Gene hhi1 Induces Apoptosis Which Is Blocked by the Hz-iap2 Gene and a Noncoding Gene, pag1Wu, Yueh-Lung; Carol, P.Wu; Catherine, Y.Y.Liu; Lee, Song-Tay; Lee, Hsiao-Ping; Chao, Yu-Chan-
30-Method for producing biologically active human factor VIII in the milk of transgenic animals driven by mammary-specific expression cassettesWinston T.K. Cheng; C. M. Chen; S. W. Lin; C. H. Wang; C. Jen. Lin; S. C. Wu
31-Newly Identified Human Small Intestinal Extracellular Lactase-phlorizin Hydrolase (ecLPH) GeneC. M. Chen; H. L. Chen; W. T. K. Cheng
32-Sex-specific sequences identified from amelogenin gene in the Holstein dairy cattle and method develW. T. K. Cheng; C. M. Chen; C. L. Hu; C. H. Wang; K. B. Choo-
33-(Zoological Science,26:608-616)Intraspecific relationships of populations of the brown frog Rana sauteri (Rana:Ranidae) in Taiwan inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequencesN.H.Jang Liaw; T.H.Lee-
34-(Zool.Stud.,48(4):435-441)Constant muscle water contents and renal HSP90 expression reflect the osmotic homeostasis in euryhaline teleosts acclimatized to different environmental salinitiesC.H.Tang; C.S.Tzeng; L.Y.Hwang; T.H.Lee-
35-(Comp.Biochem.Physiol.(Pt.A),151:566-575)Differential expression of branchial Na+/K+-ATPase of two medaka species,Oryzias latipes and Oryzias dancena,with different salinity tolerances acclimated to fresh water,brackish water and seawaterC.K.Kang; S.C.Tsai; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang-
36-(The Journal of Experimental Biology,211:3750-3758)Branchial FXYD protein expression in response to salinity change and its interaction with Na+/K+-ATPase of the euryhaline teleost Tetraodon nigroviridisP.J.Wang; C.H.Lin; H.H.Hwang; T.H.Lee
37-(Zool.Sci.,25:068-079)Phylogeography of Sylvirana latouchii (Anura,Ranidae) in TaiwanN.H.Jang Liaw; T.H.Lee; W.H.Chou-
38-(Journal of Biomedical Science,14:383-393)Gene expression analysis in LLC-PK1 renal tubular cells by atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP):correlation of homologous human genes with renal responseRosa Huang Liu; Sun-Long Cheng; Kwo-Chang Ueng; Der-Jinn Wu; Shui-Tein Chen; Supachok Sinchaikul; Tsung-Han Lee-
39-(Zool.Sci.,25:205-211)Phenotypic changes in mitochondrion-rich cells and responses of Na+/ K+-ATPase in gills of tilapia exposed to deionized waterC.H.Tang; I.C.Chang; C.H.Chen; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang-
40-Chloride channel ClC-3 in gills of the euryhaline teleost, Tetraodon nigroviridis: expression, localization, and the possible role of chloride absorptionC.H.Tang; L.Y.Hwang; T.H.Lee-
41-(Life Sci., 67(17):2103-2115)Growth enhancement of fowls by dietary administration of recombinant yeast cultures containing enriched growth hormoneC. M. Chen; Winston T. K. Cheng; Y. C. Chang; T. J. Chang; C. L. Chen-
42-(Hum. Gene Ther., 09(14):1995-2003)Use of Nonautologous Microencapsulated Fibroblasts in Growth Hormone Gene Therapy to Improve Growth of Midget SwineW. T. K. Cheng; B. C. Chen; S. T. Chiou; C. M. Chen
43-(J. Chin. Soc. Anim. Sci., 28(4):471-490)The feasibleness of using mouse embryonic stem cells after retrovirus vector-PSN transfection to aggM. F. Kuo; C. M. Chen; H. K. Hu; W. T. K. Cheng
44-(J. Infect. Dis., 173(2):457-459)Prevalence and type of precore hepatitis B virus mutants in hepatitis D virus superinfection and its clinical implicationsJ. C. Wu; C. M. Chen; T. Z. Chen; S. D. Lee; F. S. Yen; K. B. Choo-
45-(Vaccine, 26(7):891-898)Recombinant Porcine Lactoferrin Expressed in the Milk of Transgenic Mice Protects Neonatal Mice from a Lethal Challenge with Enterovirus Type 71H. L. Chen; L. C. Wang; C. H. Chang; C. C. Yen; W.T.K. Cheng; S. C. Wu; C. M. Hung; M. F. Kuo; C. M. Chen-
46-(Mol. Reprod. Dev., 54(3):209-214)Gender Determination in Single Bovine Blastomeres by Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplification of Sex-Specific Polymorphic Fragments in the Amelogenin GeneC. M. Chen; C. L. Hu; C. H. Wang; C. M. Hung; H. K. Wu; K. B. Choo; W. T. K. Cheng.-
47-(J. Chin. Soc. Anim. Sci., 27(1):059-073)Integration and expression of porcine growth hormone gene after transfected into the mouse embryonic stem cells by retroviral vectorM. F. Kuo; C. M. Chen; H. K. Hu; W. T. K. Cheng
48-(Natl. Sci. Coun. Monthly, 27(4):381-392)The techniques of bovine embryo sexingC. M. Chen; C. L. Hu; W. T. K. Cheng
49-(Hepatology, 22(6):1656-1660)Evidence of transmission of hepatitis D virus to spouses from sequence analysis of the viral genomeJ. C. Wu; C. M. Chen; I. J. Sheen; S. D. Lee; H. M. Tzeng; K. B. Choo
50-(Theriogenology, 54(8):1225-1237)Growth hormone gene polymorphisms and growth performance traits in duroc, Landrace and Tao-Yuan PigsWinston T. K. Cheng; C. H. Lee; C. M. Chen-
Results 1-50 of 392 (Search time: 0.109 seconds).