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標題: 顧客關係管理對企業經營績效之影響:整合科技與管理觀點
The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Business Performance: Integrating the Perspectives of Technology and Management
作者: 蘇彥明
Su, Yen-Ming
關鍵字: Information Technology;資訊科技;Customer Relationship Management;Performance;Enterprise Characteristic;顧客關係管理;企業經營績效;企業特質
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所
資訊科技與網際網路的發展,讓企業有機會用較低的成本與人力資源,進行一對一的顧客接觸、溝通與服務,如此更突顯了顧客關係管理(Customer Relationship Management, CRM)在電子商務的應用之重要性,也使CRM 成為企業與學術界重要的研究議題。本研究的目的係以資訊科技為主要的觀點,來分析企業IT特質與CRM系統特性,兩者對CRM執行績效會產生怎麼樣的影響;而且進一步地探討顧客關係管理對企業經營績效的影響;並針對CRM績效的衡量來發展一份日後可供學術界與實務界使用的量表。

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become increasingly important since the emerging of electronic commerce in the past few years. The purpose of this research is adopting information technology perspective to investigate the effects of the characteristics of enterprise and CRM system on the performance of CRM implementation, and whose impact on the enterprise operation performance. Furthermore, this study also wants to develop a scale of CRM performance evaluation for both researchers and practitioners.
The sample of this study includes the top 1000 firms of Taiwan. There were totally 1189 pieces of questionnaires issued in this study, and the study was proceeded by data analysis containing 184 pieces of valid questionnaires retrieved, and concluded the following results: (1) The performance of CRM is affected by the characteristics of enterprise. The results clearly indicate that the IT-leader firms have a higher-level performance of CRM (customer acquisition and profitability, customer retention, and market planning and analyzing) compared to IT-enabled operations focus and IT-laggard firms. And IT-enabled customer focus firms have a higher-level performance of customer acquisition and profitability compared to IT-laggard firms. (2) The performance of CRM is affected by the characteristics of CRM system. The results indicate that more completely IT is built or installed in CRM system; the higher trend of CRM performance exists. (3) Customer relationship management can enhance enterprise operation performance. Customer acquisition, profitability, and retention can increase business revenues, competitive capability, and reduce costs. Furthermore, market planning and analyzing can reduce the costs of marketing, operations, and customer services. (4) Finally, this study has developed a scale of CRM performance evaluation that has fine reliability and validity.
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