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標題: 金控公司組織因素、人員整合策略、工作角色與組織績效關係之研究
The Relationship Between Organizational Change, Job Role , Human Integration Strategy and Organizational Performance in Holding Company.
作者: 林淑芬
FEn, Lin Shu
關鍵字: financial holding company;金融控股公司;m&a integration;human integration;job role;organizational performance;購併後整合;人員整合策略;工作角色;組織績效
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所
By the holding company establishing, the trend of cross selling and resource integration, people in financial institution facing press, because they have to enhance other interrelated financial knowledge. The trend of resource integration will cause role conflict and role ambiguity, and maybe cause people lack of confidence to his work performance
The paper in first stage observing and analysing the 13 holding company end of Year 91 of the Republic of China, we find that holding company establishing in front and back has no obvious financial performance changes. May be holding company started just one year, the integration is going on and the synergy does not appear, the economy recession, and our observing time is limited, so could not see the obvious trend.
We find job conflict, job ambiguity, environmental uncertainty,duty future development ,the viewpoint of other holding company subsidiaries possible cause job tension, turnover ,lack of confidence to self-efficiency and oneself environment adaptability,so in this finance holding company integration period, employers should care about these issues to reduce the negative effect of organization members.

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