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標題: 以賽局理論觀點分析在資訊不對稱下供應鏈廠商之競爭策略行為
A Game Analysis of The Supply Chain Firms'' Competitive Strategic Behaviors In Information Asymmetry
作者: 張文瑞
Jui, Chang Wen
關鍵字: Supply Chain Management;供應鏈管理;Game Theory;Information Asymmetry;Opportunism;Strategic Behavior;賽局理論;資訊不對稱;機會主義;策略行為
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所

In this research from the static and non-cooperative game view to analysis the strategic behaviors and strategic thinking in interactions within supply chain. And in this research, we suppose the conditions which are the complete information and incomplete information to analyze the strategic behaviors of the firms in supply chain.
In result, we find the focus firm and collaborative firm would have the dominate strategy (cost leadership) in complete information; and in incomplete information, we suppose a condition that is focus firm can not identify the type of collaborative firm. In this moment to focus firm, he would keep ignorant or screening the information to try to get advantage. And to collaborative firm, he would hide the information or display the information selectiveness. And we find that one with more information would have opportunistic behaviors and he maybe cheat or pretend to another one to get higher profit. So we suggest that the firms in supply chain in interactions, they can develop the partnership and establish the collaborative cooperative convention to reduce the incomplete information within interaction then get higher profit mutually.
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