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標題: The Relationship with structural bond strategy, customer benefit and Loyalty: A Study with Different Relationship Phase
作者: 盧柏豪
關鍵字: relationship marketing;關係行銷;structural bond strategy;customer benefit;relationship phase;結構性結合策略;顧客利益;關係發展歷程
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所
In recent years, the point of marketing gradual transfer, the business enterprise is in addition to keeping on develop new customer, more important preserve the current customer actively, the honest customer can not only bring more consumptions for the business enterprise, but also may bring a source of more customer, so how to preserve the customer and make the customer honest to is a present business enterprise to carry out the initial target that relation marketing. In addition, customer cognize and the benefit for value not only is a substantial economic benefit only, but also included the part of the emotion in heart, and then affect the customer loyalty.
Relation bonds can be divided into three category types mainly, namely the finance, social, and structural bond, when the layer class of the realization is more high, it combine the degree more strong, and the latent income that business enterprise can acquire also more greatly. If the business enterprise can reach with customer structural bond, can not fail to bring the biggest benefit for it.So this research draws up to choose the structural bond strategy to be used as the object of go deep into the study. To understand the different structural bond strategy and will produce what kinds of customer benefit, promoting the customer loyalty then validly. Also further be used as the interference variable with the relationship phase of the business enterprise and customer, study is in the relationship phase of different stage, whether there will be the different result creation.
This research studies the sample industry with the online bookstore conduct and actions, the research result proved the customer meeting consciousness different benefit because business enterprise adopt the different structural bond strategy, including the confidence, social and special treat etc. benefit. And these benefits also will affect the behavior intention of the future in customer, if continue to maintain the relation with company, also or spread the public praise to the others or purchase company other products etc. the aggressive honest behavior. In addition, in the different stage of relationship phase, its result also will have different. Therefore if the connection of that can understand, adopt adequacy structural bond strategy, not only can maintain with customer long-last of relation, but even can the relation strength of the increment and customer.

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