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標題: 基因演算法應用於六連桿橢圓運動機之運動合成
Kinematic Synthesis of Six-bars Elliptical Motion Exerciser using Genetic Algorithms
作者: 陳俊亦
Chen, Chun-I
關鍵字: kinematic synthesis;運動合成;elliptical motion exerciser;genetic algorithms;運動機;基因演算法
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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Elliptical motion exerciser is the novel fitness goods in Taiwan . The objective of this exerciser is simulating the person in the sport routes of walking , with excise of the hands to achieve the purpose of sport in the whole body . Because of the locus of the pedal is imitating the state of motion when the person jogs or walks , so it can be avoided in bearing the impact of reaction force from the ground , which can reduce the incidence of user's sport injury greatly . Numerous manufacturers are carrying on the research and development of the fitness goods at present . Obviously , the fitness goods will become the important direction of industry development of Taiwan .
The purpose of this thesis is applying Genetic Algorithms to the synthesis of the six-bars elliptical motion exerciser mechanism design . The main advantages of the method are its simplicity of implementation and its fast convergence to optimal solution , with no need of deep knowledge of the searching space.
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