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標題: 內部行銷與智慧資本關聯性之研究-以組織承諾與人格特質為干擾變數
作者: 許秋萍
關鍵字: Internal marketing mechanism;內部行銷機制;Intelligence capital;Organization Commitment;Personality Trait;智慧資本;組織承諾;人格特質
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所

More and more companies had recognized the importance of the internal marketing and think of internal marketing as the prerequisite of marketing in recent years. They also think of internal marketing as the prerequisite of the marketing. Because successful internal and external marketing can construct long term and profitable relationship with customers, no matter what kind of product they provide, products or services, execution of internal and external marketing become very important. Besides, in the age of knowledge economic, intelligence capital play a important role in creativity, production, competitive advantage, and performance. As a result, management of the intelligence capital has become the core topic of the business management.
Intelligence capital is the invisible competitive potential of the organization. Although it is difficult to develop and accumulate, business can enhance the human capital and the relationship capital through satisfying employee's needs, which imply the establishment of internal marketing mechanism enhances the human capital and relationship capital. Internal marketing mechanism include communication network, empowerment, motivation, and training, and explore if it is useful for organization invest in creating internal environment to help the accumulation of the knowledge, skill, and relationship capital for each employees. Moreover, employee's behavior and the reaction maybe totally different because of organization commitment and personality trait. As a result, this paper also investigate the moderate effect of organization commitment and personality trait in internal marketing mechanism and intelligence capital.
This paper choose first line employees of banking industry and service industry as our study sample. Empirical result shows internal marketing mechanism significantly influence intelligence capital and employee's organization commitment. The moderate effect of employee's organization commitment and personality trait in the internal marketing mechanism-intelligence capital are also significant and partially significant, respectively. This paper will propose management implication and conclude in the final section.
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