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標題: 內部行銷對知識分享動機與知識分享行為之影響-以信任為干擾因子
The impact of the Internal Marketing on knowledge sharing motivations and knowledge sharing behaviors -Trust as a Moderator
作者: 林怡辰
關鍵字: Internal marketing mechanism;內部行銷機制;Knowledge sharing;Knowledge sharing motivation;Trust.;知識分享動機;信任;知識分享
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所

Nowadays, in the highly competitive circumstance, the highly qualified employee has become one of the key points for company to success and also the precious asset to keep company superior. In the service-guided industries, effective front-line service employees who interact with the customers is key factors of successful implementation in the service delivery process. If people who have better relationship and help each other in an organization, they will have higher sharing willingness.
This study investigates the relationship among the internal marketing mechanism, knowledge sharing motivation and trust; moreover, this study will discuss the relationship between knowledge sharing motivation and knowledge sharing behavior. On the other hand, trust plays an important role to knowledge exchange and sharing. Therefore this paper chooses employees of banking industry as our study samples to explore the moderating effects of trust between knowledge sharing motivation and knowledge sharing behavior.
The thesis uses 49 local banks and 35 foreign banks in Taiwan in March 2004 as sample datas. According to the information in “Financial Statement of the Bank” issued by Central Bank of China. The main findings of this study as following: Research results from the survey of 33 branch banks, 260 effective samples were received. Empirical result shows: (1)Internal marketing mechanism is significant influence knowledge sharing motivation; (2)Internal marketing mechanism is partially significant influence trust; (3)The motivation of knowledge sharing has positive influences knowledge sharing behavior; (4)Trust is partial significant influence knowledge sharing behavior; (5) The moderate effect of trust in the knowledge sharing motivation-knowledge sharing behavior is partially significant. This paper will propose management implication and conclude in the final section.
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