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標題: 人際網絡、企業網絡與信任之關係
Interpersonal network,business network and trust
作者: 莊純綺@20070630
chunchi, chuang
關鍵字: 社會資本;social capital;個人網絡;企業網絡;信任;interpersonal network;business network;interpersonal trust;inter-firm trust
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所

The collaboration networks joined with partners is advantageous to gain resources, share the cost and the risk, and combine the strong points of other enterprises by interacting each other. However, much collaboration fails. The main reason possibly is the lack of "the trust feeling" in the network members to each other. Partners must establish trust mutually to prompt cooperation successfully, no matter relational-base or transactional-base cooperations. In other words, trust is the foundation of relations and cooperations. This research not only emphasizes the business-level network and trust, but also pays attention to the executive managers' interpersonal network and trust because of top managers controlling great firm's resource and representing the whole enterprise.
This research makes the differentiation of "interpersonal network" and "the enterprise network", and both contain official and the unofficial network activities. The network variable including "propensity to network", "scope of networking activity", "strength of ties" and "network prestige". In the meanwhile, we distinguish
"interpersonal trust" from "business trust";And further discuss the relation between "network" and "trust". This research investigated the top managers in Taiwan, and used the correlation analysis, the regression analysis, the AMOS linear structure statistical analysis. The result discovers top manager's "individual network" promotes "the enterprise network", "individual trust" "individual trust" may influence "organization's trust".
Moreover, "the enterprise network" promotes "organization's trust". This research besides propose the academic contribution and suggestion, and recommend managers and firms some practical suggestion. These practical suggestions will be helpful to manager to know how to operate individual and business network will be able to urge mutual trust to maintain the collaboration.
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