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標題: 消 防 用 控 制 閥 改 良 設 計-以 一 齊 開 放 閥 為 例
An Improvement Design of Control Valve for Fire - Protection Service-A Case Study of Deluge Valve
作者: 吳培輝
Wu, Peir-Huei
關鍵字: Deluge Valve;一齊開放閥;Control Valve;Fire Equipment;控制閥;消防器材
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文利用3D繪圖軟體Soild Works來進行結構設計,並且在CAE的部份,我們對一齊開放閥的關鍵零組件如閥體、閥蓋進行模擬特性分析。 應用COSMOSXpress分析軟體,經由設定重要零組件的材質、負載、及拘束面,做有限元素分析,透過軟體產生實體網格,以分析變形量、應力分佈等。一般材料會在高於降伏強度或遠較極限抗拉強度大之荷重下,發生破壞,分析結果以了解是否可能因變形造成洩漏、破壞問題,並利用參考之安全係數,事先對原設計加以修正,以節省試作原型的投資浪費。

In following to the population highly concentration and economic growth, the fire accidents usually result in human life harmfulness and property losses, we expect that through this study, enable us to improve the defective of current deluge valve, make an improvement on the service performance, to enhance the fire protection system, and prolong the service duration. An accompany of the automatic alarm check valves is to be improved through this study.
In this thesis, we adopted the 3D CAD Solidworks to conduct the structure design, further more, in the portion of CAE (Computer Aid Engineering), we focus on the critical parts, such as the valve body and cover , conduct the simulative characteristics analysis. then we employed the software of COSMOSXpress for analysis through the critical parts for material, load and restrictive face. By construction grids, COSMOSXpress can analysis the deformation, stress distribution etc. A normal material shall failure beyond its load of yield strength or ultimate tensile strength. As the results of analysis for reference, we properly know whether the deformation will cause leakage, fracture, by setting the relative safety factor. As a result, we can modify the original design in advance, and reduce the investment cost waste for prototype fabrication.
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