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標題: 手機外殼勾合強度研究
Study of Engagement Strength of Cell Phone Cover
作者: 林致孝
Lin, Chih-Hsiao
關鍵字: Cell Phone Cover;手機外殼;Snap;Drop Test;卡勾;掉落試驗
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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經本研究結果發現,卡勾崁合功能是手機外殼結構設計的重點。運用卡勾結構實際設計經驗,利用Pro-E CAD繪圖軟體結合有限元素法LS-DYNA CAE的模擬分析,並配合高速攝影機對手機掉落方位詳細觀察,將其結果進行相互比對,以期在有限的外殼空間條件限制下,使得卡勾能達到設計預期的機構結合強度,同時賦予高的耐摔功能。

The problem of deformation and fracture of the outer cover of cell phone incurred by external drop-off impact becomes more important than before. This thesis is focus on the analysis of the outer cover of cell phone after impact. Moreover, a modified structure is proposed to improve the strength of mechanism and the capability of anti-falling.
The insertion function of snap is one the most important factor of the outer cover structure design of cell phone. This research uses the simulation results by CAD software Pro-E and Finite Element software LS-DYNA to compare with the actual drop test of cell phone observed by high speed digital camera to prove computer simulation technique can be a useful method in the design of snap structure. Then we use design rules obtained by experience to modify the snap structure. The new design has successful overcome problems happened in old design.
A long existing problem of the drop test is the poor repeatability. A better design with shorter period can be achieved by using computer simulation technique and actual test.
其他識別: U0005-2008200809100400
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