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標題: 前花青素對streptozotocin誘發性糖尿病的影響
Effect of proanthocyanidin on streptozotocin-induced diabetes
作者: 高源彬
Kao, Yuan-Pin
關鍵字: proanthocyanidin;前花青素;IDDM;NIDDM;胰島素依賴型糖尿病;非胰島素依賴型糖尿病
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
摘 要
葡萄子前花青素是屬於生物類黃酮的一族,諸多研究顯示,具有抗氧化的作用,並且能減緩疾病的發生. 為了評估攝取葡萄是否有抗糖尿病的作用,我們以腹腔注射的方式,注射葡萄子萃取物(65%純度)至以STZ誘導產生糖尿病的雄性ICR老鼠體內中,處理十天後, 以糖尿病控制組比較,我們發現前花青素有意義的降低了糖尿病鼠血糖的濃度、體重、攝食量、排尿量及排糞量,但若以兒茶素與表兒茶素等結構上差異之單聚合體,處理糖尿病鼠則無此作用. 而依口服葡萄糖耐量試驗曲線圖來看,實驗顯示前花青素亦能增進葡萄糖之耐量. 我們亦發現糖尿病鼠,當前花青素停止處理時,血糖濃度會又會逐漸上昇,意味前花青素對降低血糖濃度的效果是可逆的. 另外何以前花青素會有抗糖尿病之作用,結果亦顯示,是因它能減緩STZ對胰島細胞的傷害. 總結的說對於糖尿病罹患率較低之某些歐洲國家或許與攝取葡萄之多寡有密切關係。

Grape seed proanthocyanidins (OPC) are a family of polymerized bioflavanoids known to have influence on the antioxidant activities and the development of biomedical diseases. For clear assessment of the possible antidiabetic effects of grape consumption, we injected grape seed OPC extract (65% purity) intraperitoneally (ip) into diabetic male ICR mice which were induced ip by streptozotocin. We found that OPC, but not structurally-related catechin and epicatechin monomers, significantly reduced diabetic glucose levels, food intake, body weight, urine, and feces within 10 days as compared to the diabetic controls. Based on the oral glucose tolerance test, OPC also improved glucose hyperglycemia. The decrease in the diabetic blood glucose levels was reversible; when OPC administration was stopped, animals regained the diabetic glucose. The antidiabetic effect of OPC could be due to its increasing the number of pancreatic islets. It is possible that there is a relationship between the high consumption of grape and the low incidence of diabetes in some European countries.
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