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標題: 台灣放牧牛之攝食植物種類及放牧對植被的影響
Studies on grazing plants by Cattle and the effects of grazing in Taiwan
作者: 陳文民
Chen, wen-min
關鍵字: cattle;牛;grazing;plant community;放牧;植群
出版社: 植物學系
將植群進行群團分析,將調查到的植群分成7個群團 (A-F),部分放牧區與未放牧區、放牧恢復區相似度較高,顯示放牧壓力不大。部分放牧區與未放牧區、放牧恢復區有較大的差異,顯示放牧壓力較大。由實地觀察結果,F 群團在放牧與火燒因子共同壓力下,植群的退化演替更趨明顯,土壤裸露程度更加嚴重。

The effects of grazing by cattle were decreased the quantity and made the size and facade change of plants. Trampling were injured to plants and made the soil naked and hardness. For understanding the grazing plants and the influence by cattle in the wild, we investigating the plants of wild and tracking the cattle grazing record in Pington, Hualien and Taichung. For the same goal we set the same time to investigate the community of plant after one month of grazing in TLRI (Taiwan Livestock Research Institute).
The plants in the three region of Pington, Hualien and Taichung we investigating were 64% in Poaceae, 17% in Compositae. There were one hundred forty plants recorded. In the records, nineteen could be grazed and thirty-one could not be grazed, others were unknown.
Using vegetation classification, we get seven groups of these plants (A-F). Some parts of grazing region similarity with ungrazing region are in the less grazing stress and some parts not similarity are in the higher grazing stress. The result indicates the grazing and environment stress effect the succession procession. By reason of location observation, the soil is naked and the plans are short in the F group region under both grazing and burning stress.
Investigating the plant community in TLRI, the results indicate that the major organisms of the plant community are not change but the important values are different. If there is higher grazing stress, the more fluctuation of plants important value and naked regions of soil. According the spacing of grazing experiment, the effects of the grazing can't be investigated immediately after grazing. Combing the investigation of Pington, Hualien and Taichung, we can suggest that if a region grazing for a long time or in intensity grazing the organism maybe different before.
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