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標題: 台灣中新世地層植物群之研究
A study on Miocene floras in Taiwan
作者: 李慶堯
Ching-Yao, LI
關鍵字: Miocene;中新世;leaf fossil;seed fossil;sporomorph;Taiwan;wood fossil;葉片化石;種子化石;孢粉化石;台灣;木化石
出版社: 植物學系

Plant fossils from four localities of Miocene strata in Taiwan were investigated. From Lilongshan flora, in Fangkang, Pingtung Hsien, leaves of 1 fern, 2 monocots and 21 dicots and seeds of 7 dicots were recognized. The flora revealed a tropic-subtropic forest. In Mafu, Kuanhsi, Hsinchu Hsien, fossil woods of 1 conifer and 2 dicots were found in tuff of Late Miocene stratum. The fossils indicated colder weather than present. Stem molds of pure forest of Cycas-like plant were collected from basal part of the Nanchuang formation of Late Miocene age in Nanchuang, Miaoli Hsien. In Kungkang tuff, Kueishan, Taoyuan Hsien, growth rings of 3 fossil woods, Taxodioxylon sequoium(Merckl.)Gothan, Bischofia sp. and Camellia sp., indicated that there was obvious seasonal change at that time. The taxa of the pollen fossil in the same locality indicated a warm temperate climatic condition.
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