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標題: 應用有限元素法於陰極射線管應力與變形之研究
Application of finite element method to the analysis of stresss and deformation in cathode ray tube
作者: 江長軒
關鍵字: 有限元素法;電子斑點干涉術
出版社: 機械工程學系
本次研究亦使用有限元素法後處理之結果,再與電子斑點干涉術(Electronic Speckle Pattern Interfermotry) 實驗所得到之干涉條紋圖做比對,藉以瞭解以有限元素分析模擬和以電子斑點干涉術實驗的正確性。分析的過程中,亦應用了ANSYS中的ANSYS PARAMETER DESIGN LANGUAGE(APDL)來處理後處理的資料,藉以達到快速、正確的分析能量,並建立自動化的分析程序。

This topic applies Finite Element Analysis toward Cathode Ray Tube and attempts to find out the stress distribution and deformation of glass tube after CRT is vacuumed and is constrainted with the shrink band in different position. To the CRT problems in this topic, we use Finite Element Analysis program-- ANSYS to be the analysis tools. We find the maximum displacement is 42um near the central position under vacuum situation.
While using the result of postprocessing and transforming the result, We compare it with the interferometry pattern which is produced by Electronic speckle pattern interferometry(ESPI). From this, we wish to understand the correction of FEA simulation and ESPI experiment. In the processing of FEA, we also use the ANSYS Parameter Design Language (APDL) of ANSYS to reach fast and correct analysis and also to build automatic analysis procedure.
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