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標題: 含磁滯估測器之三軸壓電致動平台穩定適應模糊控制設計
Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Control with Hysteresis Observer for a Three-Axis Piezoactuated Stage
作者: 廖秉德
liao, bing-der
關鍵字: Hysteresis;磁滯效應;Piezoactuated Stage;壓電致動平台
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this thesis, based on the dynamic model of a three-axis piezoactuated stage with simplified Dahl hysteresis model, we propose a stable adaptive fuzzy controller with a hysteresis variables observer. In the control design, a fuzzy function approximator is used for compensating for the effects of parameter estimate inaccuracy, model uncertainty, and coupling among three axes(considered as external disturbance). The overall closed-loop system stability is guaranteed in the design using Lyapunov stability theory. Some computer simulations using MATLAB are conducted to study the tracking performance under different desired trajectories. The compensation performance of the fuzzy function approximator is illustrated using different coupling effects among three axes. Finally, robustness of the adaptive control system with respect to system parameter variation is also discussed.
其他識別: U0005-2108200811513900
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