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標題: 多孔衝擊噴氣流孔徑大小對平板冷卻效果之影響
Effect of Jet Diameter on Heat Transfer for Confined Multiple Jets Impinging on a Flat Plate
作者: 陳政傑
chen, cheng-chieh
關鍵字: 局部紐塞數;local Nusselt number;停滯點紐塞數;噴氣流之全溫度;高度孔徑比;孔距孔徑比;加熱片之寬度孔徑比;stagnation Nusselt number;total temperature;The ratio of jet height-to-jet diameter;the ratio of jet-to-jet spacing to jet diameter;The ratio of heating width-to-jet diameter
出版社: 機械工程學系
本篇論文探討具面板之多孔噴氣流(confined impinging jets)垂直衝擊於等熱通量加熱平板之熱傳現象,主要研究之方向在深入研究多孔噴氣流中孔徑大小對平板冷卻效果之影響。本實驗中所考慮噴氣孔之孔徑(d)為6mm,噴氣流雷諾數為20,000,主要量測在不同高度孔徑比(H/d)及孔距孔徑比(s/d)下,衝擊面板上二維局部紐塞數之分佈,並將所得之停滯點紐塞數(stagnation Nusselt number,Nusg)跟文獻中孔徑3mm時所得之實驗結果進行比較。實驗面板之孔道排列採等孔距交錯式(equilaterally staggered array),孔數為5,孔徑固定為6㎜;孔距孔徑比有2、3、3.5、4、5、6及8等七組;高度孔徑比為0.5、1.0、2.0、2.5及3.0等五種;噴氣流之全溫度(total temperature, )與室溫之溫差控制在1℃之內;衝擊面板上之加熱片由9條寬12.5mm、厚0.01mm之不銹鋼片串聯而組成;熱通量固定在 ;加熱片之寬度孔徑比(w/d)為18.75。最後將實驗量測所得之停滯點紐塞數以迴歸分析法加以整理。

The effects of jet diameter on the local Nusselt number for confined circular air jets vertically impinging on a flat plate is investigated. Five jets in equilaterally staggered arrays are considered. The jet diameter is 6 mm which yields a jet Reynolds number of 20,000. The two-dimensional local Nusselt number distributions for various and are measured. The measured data at the stagnation point of the center jet are compared to those with a jet diameter of 3 mm in the literature. In this experiment, the ratio of jet-to-jet spacing to jet diameter ( ) individually is 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 8. The ratio of jet height-to-jet diameter ( ) individually is 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5, 3. The deviation of jet total temperature and room temperature is controlled within 1℃. The ratio of heating width-to-jet diameter ( ) is 18.75 which results in a surface heat flux of 1500 . The measured data of stagnation Nusselt number (Nusg) are curvefitted as a function of and .
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