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標題: 臺灣產小皮傘屬在形態分類與內轉錄間隔區親緣分析之探討
Studies of the morphological taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis using internal transcribed spacer of ribosomal DNA on the genus Marasmius in Taiwan
作者: 徐希世
Hsu, Hsi-Shih
關鍵字: Marasmius;小皮傘屬;ITS;internal transcribed spacer;Phylogenetic tree;principle component analysis;內轉錄間隔區;親緣關係樹;主成分分析
出版社: 生命科學系
本研究於南投惠蓀實驗林場、水里明潭電廠、觀音瀑布、蓮華池、高雄澄清湖、新竹鳥嘴山共採得49株小皮傘屬(Marasmius)真菌標本,鑑定出小皮傘屬真菌7種。分別為 Marasmius androsaceus、M. candidus、M. caricis、M. crinis-equi、M. maximus、M. rhyssophylus、M. siccus。其中 M. caricis、M. rhyssophylus 兩種為台灣新紀錄種。
另外以 PCR 增殖小皮傘屬 rDNA 的 ITS1 與 ITS2 片段,利用 clustalW 程式進行分析、排序與比對,再利用主成分分析(principle component analysis)將所有序列分群,同時以 bootstrap 方法畫出親緣關係樹(phylogenetic tree),最後依據主成分分析的分群結果與親緣關係樹,建立 ITS 序列 DNA 的檢索表。

The morphological taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis of Marasmius were studied. In experimental period, forty-nine specimens were collected from Nantou Hui-Sun forest, Nantou Ming-Tan hydraulic power plant, Nantou Guan-Yin waterfalls, Nantou Lien-Hua-Chih forest, Kaohsiung Cheng-Ching Lake and Hsinchu Niao-Zui Mountain. Seven species were identified including Marasmius androsaceus, M. candidus, M. caricis, M. crinis-equi, M. maximus, M. rhyssophylus and M. siccus. There are two new records for Taiwan namely M. caricis and M. rhyssophylus. To study the relationship in the genus Marasmius, internal transcribed spacer(ITS)1 and 2 regions of rDNA were amplified by PCR. Forty DNA sequences of ITS were compared by using ClustalW program and grouped by principle component analysis (PCA). Phylogenetic tree was drawn by bootstrap method. A key of Marasmius established by using internal transcribed spacer DNA sequence.
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