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標題: Al2O3鍍膜與440C不銹鋼基材間結合強度與其耐磨耗特性之探討
Investigation on the Adhesion Strength and Its Wear Resistance of Al2O3 Film deposited on 440C Stainless Steel
作者: 宋子豪
Hau, Sung Tzu
關鍵字: film;薄膜;strength of adhesion;wear;結合強度;磨耗
出版社: 機械工程學系
氧化鋁薄膜以溶凝膠方式(sol-gel),利用旋轉塗佈法(spin-coating)鍍著於不銹鋼基材。基材表面粗糙度的變化以及薄膜不同燒結溫度對結合強度與耐磨耗特性的影響是本論文的探討重點。鍍膜的結合強度分別以刮痕試驗強度及固體結合能(work of adhesion)量測之;耐磨耗特性則以鍍膜經磨耗試驗後的重量損失表示。

The strength of adhesion and wear resistance of hard film is investigated in the present project. The Al2O3 Film is deposited on the substrate of 440C stainless steel.
The sol-gel coating by spin coating is used. The effect of the surface roughness of substrate and sintering temperature of deposited film on the strength of adhesion and wear resistance of the film-substrate system is studied. The strength of adhesion is assessed by the measurement of work of adhesion and the critical load determined from scratch test. The wear resistance is represented by the loss of the wear weight in a pin-on-disk test.
The results show that a smooth metallic surface possesses higher surface energy, which in turn strengthen the adhesion between the substrate and the deposited film. The Al2O3film have a higher wear resistance property when it is deposited on a smooth surface and sintered at a high temperature.
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