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標題: 液化氣體蒸發器改良設計
Advance Design of the Liquefied Gas Evaporator
作者: 梁志斌
Liang, Jer-Pin
關鍵字: liquefied gas;液化氣體;evaporator;advance design;heat exchanger;蒸發器;最佳化設計;熱交換器
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this study, we compare the traditional liquefied gas evaporator with the advance design model. Analysis of all different demands for users, we can find out the true meaning of physics thermodynamics and the most suitable conditions of the optimum evaporator design. Then the best type of evaporator and redesign to replace the traditional model was shown in this study.
According to the physics, thermodynamics, commercial benefit maintenance cost, environment protection, reservation, strength of construction, safe assembly, etc, We compared the traditional liquefied gas evaporator with optimum design model and obtained the advance liquefied gas evaporator.
From the present experiment and calculation results, we realized the traditional type requires a larger space for installment, and not easy to be adapted for different situations. In the redesigned type, the above disadvantage can be improved and expanded the vapor capacity of liquefied gas in the redesigned type.
The redesigned evaporator was made of stainless steel. The thermal conductivity value of for stainless steel can not be better than the aluminum pipe-fin assembly. The total heat transfer rate was larger than the traditional type due to the enhance for the temperature or convection.
The above analysis and experiment results were shown that a good design for liquefied gas evaporator can not only analyze the profit from a heat changer, but also consider a safety, lower cost high benefit, and environment protection. The present analysis and results can be provided the reference to the industry of liquefied gas evaporator and further study in the future.
Keywords: liquefied gas evaporator improve design heat exchanger
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