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標題: 疊層金屬複合板材鑽削品質監測
Monitoring on Metal Matrix Composites Drilling Process
作者: 吳文祺
Wu, Wen Chi
關鍵字: hole quality;孔品質;drilling;monitoring;鑽削;監測
出版社: 機械工程學系

For structure strength needing and carry more payload with lower fuel consumption, there are critical changes in material choice. The new material and composites which have greater strength, lower weight and corrosion resistant replace the conventional material. In the aerospace industry, the multi-layered metal material are concerned at present. And the aircraft structure is conjunction with rivets. Hence, how to maintain the drilling hole quality of the multi- layered material for ensuring structure life and safety become the important topic.
Conforming with automatic process and motivational prevention, the research is processed as on-line monitoring, choice specific parameter for cutting experiments and collecting cutting force signal. To observe the relationship between interlayer burr height of layered material and cutting force. Then we use experiment results for neural network training and build up the prediction model of burr height and flank wear of drill.
Experiment results, we can establish the index of monitoring for interior hole quality from the change of cutting force. And the predicting results of artificial neural network(ANN) , the average of error function is under 10﹪. In exam experiment, verify that the index of drilling monitoring can successfully approach the quality monitoring. In addition, the model of ANN has satisfactory result in burr height predicting.
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