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標題: 惠蓀實驗林場關刀溪流域靈芝屬與烏芝屬之分類研究
Study on taxonomy of Ganoderma spp. and Amauroderma spp. in Guantauchi of Huisun Expermental Forest
作者: 何一正
Ho, I-Cheng
關鍵字: Ganoderma spp.;靈芝;Amauroderma spp.;taxonomy;RAPD;rDNA-ITS1;sequencing;烏芝;分類;逢機增殖多型;核糖核酸非轉錄區;定序
出版社: 植物學系
區(rDNA ITS1)定序實驗,進行分類研究。測試的20條RAPD 引子(primer)
定序方面,使用PCR合成雙股rDNA ITS1區域約290 bp的片段,進行PCR產
物直接定序,DNA序列以Clustal W軟體進行最相似排列,並以Kimura''s

Huisun Experimental Forest is a station of LTER ( Long Term
Ecological Research ). Isolates of Ganoderma spp. from Huisun
can be characterized into tree races by means of biological
typing. DNA from 14 isolates was amplified by the random
amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique by using the
polymerase chain reaction with single primers. The
amplification products were analyzed for polymorphisms by gel
electrophoresis to determine whether species could be
distinguished at the molecular level. The amount of genetic
variation was evaluated by employing polymerase chain reaction
amplification with a set of 7 random 10-mer primers. All
amplifications revealed scorable polymorphisms among the
isolates, and a total of 145 band positions was scored with
binary coding for the 7 primers tested. UPGMA (unweighted
pair-group method using arithmetic averages) cluster analysis
and PCOA (principal coordinate analysis) were used to divide the
Ganoderma sp. isolates into three distinct clusters.Genetic
distances between each of the isolates were calculated by
RAPDistance software, and cluster analysis was used to generate
a dendrogram showing relationships between them. The results
indicate that RAPD markers can be a quick and reliable
alternative for differentiating isolates of Ganoderma spp. rDNA
ITS-1 was amplified by polymerase chain reaction(PCR) the
products were used for sequencing. ITS-1 data for Ganoderma are
generally consistent with the result of RAPD.
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