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標題: 探討蒸鍍溫度對光學薄膜結合能與其殘留應力之影響
Effect of Evaporation Temperature on the Adhesion Strength and the Residual Stress of Optical Thin Film
作者: 施茂源
關鍵字: thin film;薄膜;residual stress;adhesion strength;殘留應力;附著強度
出版社: 機械工程學系
實驗中提出了兩種評估薄膜結合能的方法,那就是分別藉由量測薄膜刮傷強度試驗決定臨界負荷值(critical load)以及量測固體表面之表面能決定固體結合能(work of adhesion)後,並比較其趨勢;而沉積薄膜的殘留應力量測,利用Zygo干涉儀量取基板鍍膜前後平板光波前(Wavefront) 的變化而求得。

The adhesion strength and the residual stress of optical thin film, deposited by electron beam evaporation, are
investigated in the present paper. Effect of evaporation temperatures for a single layer of SiO2 film on substrates of BK7 and Pyrex glass plates are studied.
Two methods are proposed to assess the adhesion strength, namely, the work of adhesion determined by measurements of surface energy of the solid surfaces as well as the critical load determined by scratch test. The residual stresses of the deposited film are measured by Zygo interferometer obtained from the film wavefront.
The results show that the surface of a smooth glass plate possesses higher surface energy. Higher evaporation temperature strengthens the adhesion strength between the substrate and the deposited film. When evaporation temperature reach as high as 300℃, a small residual stress, which is compressive, are produced on the thin film. The high adhesion strength and small compressive stress of the deposited film can be satisfactorily correlated.
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