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標題: 運用雙週期結構光及相移進行三維曲面輪廓量測
Three-dimensional surface profiler based on two-wavelength structured light and phase shifting
作者: 陳立恒
關鍵字: three-dimensional surface profiling;三維輪廓量測;structured light;phase shift;phase unwrap;mapping function;結構光;相移;相位還原;映射函數
出版社: 機械工程學系

This paper proposed a three-dimensional surface profiler based on a structured light with a two-wavelength synthetic sinusoidal fringe pattern. Two phase maps were obtained by using the method of phase shifting and the absolute phase map was then unwrapped. Phase ambiguity problems in ordinary phase-unwrapping approaches could be overcome by properly selecting the equivalent wavelength of the fringe. Moreover, in this research, a rational mapping function from image coordinates and the phase to 3D coordinates was established. Parameters were solved by nonlinear least squares method in the calibration procedure and the surface to be measured could be computed according to these mapping functions. The results of measurement in various types of mapping functions were presented and error sources were discussed.
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