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標題: 微流道氣流流場與熱傳分析
Analysis of Gaseous Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannel
作者: 蕭邦佶
Hsiao, Pang Chi
關鍵字: microchannel;微流道;gas;flow;heat transfer;氣體;流場;熱傳
出版社: 機械工程學系
在氣體流動方面,在假設流場為全展之等溫流場時,本研究所得之微流道壓力分佈及速度分佈,與Arkilic et al.(1997)之理論解完全一致。此外,利用質量守恒之觀點,本研究亦得到流量,入出口壓力比,以及管長間之關係式。

The major purpose of present study is to investigate the characteristics of flow and heat transfer in a microchannel. The fluid drived by difference pressure at inlet and outlet in laminar flow to investigate compressibility and rarefaction to case the effect of gas flow and heat transfer.
In flow, the fluid is assumed to be fully-developed and constant temperature. The investigation shows that the pressure distribution and velocity distribution are the same as Arkilic et al.(1997). Furthermore, the present study employs conservation of mass viewpoint, get the relationship between mass flow rate, inlet/outlet pressure ratio, and the length of microchannel.
In heat transfer, the fluid is assumed to be incompressible, the present study is Graetz problem extended to the effect of rarefaction at constant heat flux and constant wall temperature. The investigation shows that the length of thermal fully-developed is longer than traditional heat transfer expected, and Nusselt numbers are decrease with increasing Knudsen number. Furthermore, the study gains Nusselt numbers are function of length of microchannel, and higer Nusselt numbers distribution at higer inlet/outlet pressure ratio when consider effects of compressibility and rarefaction.
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