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標題: 受制於干擾之寬頻主動式噪音控制系統
Wideband Active Noise Control Systems subject to Disturbance
作者: 莊謦鴻
Chuang, Ching-Hung
關鍵字: active noise control (ANC);主動噪音控制;online model;neural network (NN);disturbance;線上鑑別;類神經網路;干擾
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In active noise control (ANC) applications, the existence of disturbance can significantly degrade performance of ANC systems. A new ANC algorithm referred to as FXNBP/CED algorithm is developed for a neural network-based ANC system to deal with the problem caused by the disturbance in this study. Estimated transfer functions of primary and secondary paths of the ANC system are required to implement the developed algorithm. If the transfer function of primary path is difficult to estimate or may be time-varying, an adaptive FIR filter can be used to model the primary path on-line. Disturbance can then be estimated for the neural network controller to update the weights and generate suitable control signal. Simulations and experiments will be used to demonstrate that the proposed method can effectively reduce the influence of the disturbance in wideband ANC applications.
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