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標題: 晶圓化學機械研磨製程之磨漿流動模擬與分析
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Film Lubrication in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Process
作者: 趙志恒
關鍵字: Chemical Mechanical Polishing;化學機械研磨;Spectral method;Reynolds equation;Slurry;Polishing pad;Effects of patterned groove;頻譜方法;雷諾方程式;磨漿液體薄膜;研磨墊;溝槽效應
出版社: 機械工程學系
化學機械研磨(Chemical Mechanical Polishing, CMP)是現今半導體平坦化製程技術中,唯一能達到較為全面平坦化的技術。本研究主要針對化學機械研磨過程中之磨漿液體薄膜建立理論模式與模擬分析。我們利用頻譜方法(Spectral method)將描述薄膜液動的三維圓柱座標系統之雷諾方程式展開作數值模擬。我們由數值模擬得到液體薄膜在晶圓與研磨墊間隙內的液壓分佈,並進一步獲知液體薄膜所能承受的液壓負荷,以及最小液體薄膜厚度與晶圓傾斜攻角對化學機械研磨製程參數的影響分析,其中包括研磨墊轉速、磨漿黏滯度以及晶圓偏心距等關係。我們也模擬計算出磨漿流場速度分佈、研磨墊表面剪應力分佈、磨漿流率、摩擦力以及能耗等與參數之間的關聯性影響,並且詳細討論此理論模擬結果。除了磨漿對製程的影響之外,研磨墊的分析也對整個製程中佔有重要的地位,關於研磨墊表面溝槽效應與磨漿之間參數的關聯性,也是影響製程結果的因素。我們也將磨漿液體薄膜理論建立的模式中加入了研磨墊表面溝槽效應的影響,並對研磨墊表面有溝槽效應時的磨漿液體薄膜作模擬分析,模擬中建立出液體薄膜在研磨墊表面有溝槽效應時於晶圓與研磨墊間隙內的液壓分佈,且對溝槽寬度變化影響磨漿液體薄膜承受負荷的關係分析討論。

The CMP technique has emerged as a primary process for global planarization to patterned wafers in ultra-large-scale-integration manufacture nowadays. This study is aimed at analysis of the thin fluid film in the wafer-pad interface during a chemical-mechanical polishing process. The hydrodynamic behavior of the film is analyzed numerically using the spectral method to expand the Reynolds equation in three-dimensional cylindrical coordinates. The results of numerical simulation include the pressure distribution of the thin fluid film in the clearance between the wafer and the pad, and the normal load supported by the film. Effects of the CMP process parameters involving pad rotation speed, slurry viscosity, and offset of rotational axis on the minimum film thickness and wafer attack are discussed. The slurry velocity distribution, surface shear stress on the wafer and the pad, slurry flow rate, shear force, and dissipation are further calculated. In addition, the effects of patterned groove on pad surface are taken into account for establishing the present theoretical lubrication model. It is found that the grooved pad tends to reduce the normal load supported by the thin fluid film.
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