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標題: 以特定工件之重構工具機設計理論
Theory of RMT''s Design for a Specified Configuration Part
作者: 陳逸軒
Chen, Yi-Hsang
關鍵字: RMT;重構工具機;Modular configurability;Machine tool design method;模組化結構;工具機設計方法
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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With unforeseen and high variations in the globe market, long responsive time of DMS and high Reconfigurable cost of Flexible manufacturing System can't maintain the competition of manufacture industry. Hence, it comes into reconfigurable manufacturing systems, RMS, which includes fast response and low reconfigurable cost. The execute machine tool is called reconfigurable machine tool, RMT.
RMT is a part-oriented and reconfiguration modular configurability, which can fit part design with changing the machine tool structure, and work in the same feature part, the research is discuss with RMT theory and process planning.
RMT is different from the traditional machine tool concept, it is designed to work in the known part, and change it machine tool topology description, after that, to match the task clarification and the math model of machining modules based on the theory of screw. To provide a creative machine tool design method.
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