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標題: 推拔管螺紋於三次元量床檢測與不確定度分析
Measurement and Uncertainty Analysis of Pipe Thread on Coordinate Measuring Machine
作者: 史詠傑
Shih, Yong-Jie
關鍵字: coordinate measuring machine;三次元量床;pipe thread;touch trigger probe;measurement uncertainty;combined standard uncertainty;expanded uncertainty;推拔管螺紋;觸發式探頭;量測不確定度;組合標準不確定度;擴充不確定度
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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This paper describes a measurement and uncertainty analysis of pipe thread on coordinate measuring machine. According to the characteristic of the pipe thread profile, touch trigger probe is used to measure the dimensions, first find the coordinate of intersect point of interior hole axis
with terminal surface, and set the origin of a part reference system, and use touch trigger probe to measure the thread angle, pitch, depth of thread, pitch diameter and taper.
The result of research is influenced by touch trigger probe precision error, and room temperature changing, axes deviations and divisions error, then calculation an overall estimate of uncertainty from these individual pieces of information, evaluations the combined standard uncertainty and expanded uncertainty, the results of measurement in different systems were presented and error sources were discussed.
其他識別: U0005-2507200815502100
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