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標題: 臺灣產骨碎補科植物之核型研究
Studies on Karotypes of the Davalliaceae in taiwan
作者: 萬淑惠
Wan, Su-Huei
關鍵字: Davalliaceae;骨碎補科;Chromosome;Karyotypes;染色體;核型
出版社: 植物學系
台灣產骨碎補科植物(Davalliaceae)有 7屬16種。本文中共記載 7屬12種
石蕨為無配生殖,發生頻率為 8%。其餘為有性生殖。多倍體及無配生殖
為 x=40、x=41兩種。就核型的研究而言,杯狀蓋陰石蕨和海州骨碎補之

The Davalliaceae in Taiwan includes 7 genera and 16 spe- cies.
The chromosomes of 12 species belong to the 7 genera are
studied . For researching of their karyotypes ,the acetocarmine
squash method is used to view root tips or stem apices for
investiga- ting the chromosome numbers ,size and shape. Of
those plants , Araiostegia parvipinnata ,Leucostegia immersa,
Davallia marriesii ,D.formosana,D.subsolida,Humata griffithiana,
Oleandra wallichii , Nephrolepis auriculata , N. hirsutula and
N. biserrata are diploids.However,H.repens is triploid and
Arthropteris obliterata is tetraploid. The frequency of
polyploids is 17%. H. repens proceeds the apogamic reproduction
and the others normal sexual reproduction,The apogamic
appearance is 8%. The low occurances of polyploid and apogamy
among this family, indicate the Davalliaceae being inactive in
evolution. The chromosome basic numbers in this familly are
x=40 ,41 . Point on the karyotype studies, D. maariesii and H.
griffithiana are very resemble in form percent; Arthropter
obliterata and N. auriculata are the same with form percent.
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