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標題: 台灣省都會與鄉村老樹之伴生動植物
Companion Biota at the Urban and Rural Giant Trees in Taiwan Province
作者: 陳瑩娟
Chen, Ying-Juan
關鍵字: Giant tree;老樹;dependent plant;accompanying animal;依附植物;伴生動物
出版社: 植物學系
珍貴老樹是指胸高直徑 1.5公尺以上,或樹齡一百年以上之樹木。初步統
計台灣省都會與鄉村地區之老樹有885棵,含括 24科49種,其中台灣梭羅
455株老樹上所記錄到的維管束依附植物共計有41科 74屬 94種,以水龍
老樹之依附植物按依附類型計有著生植物 69種﹑攀緣植物 17種﹑纏勒植
物 6種以及半寄生植物 2種。利用卡方測定依附植物與樹種之關聯性,發
虫數量中,雙翅目占 56%,同翅目占 25%,膜翅目占 14%。每一棵樣

Trees with DBH greater than 1.5m or older than 100 years are
classified as protected giant trees. 885 giant trees, belonging
to 24 families and 49 species, were found at urban and rural
areas of Taiwan Province. Among them, Ficus microcarpa,
Vascular dependent plants at 455 giant trees were investigated.
94 species were recorded, in which 69 are epiphytes, 17 are
climbers, 6 are stranglers, and 2 are hemiparasites.
Polypodiaceae, Moraceae and Orchidaceae are common families.
Lycopodium salvinioides , Armodorum labrosum and Thrixspermum
subulatum are rare species. More dependent plants exist on
Bischofia javanica, Cinnamomum camphora,and Liquidambar
formosana,comparing to those on Ficus microcarpa and Celtis
sinensis. Complicated relationships, including perching,
nesting, predating, parasitism and pollination, exist between
insects and giant trees. Among all the insects trapped by
yellow sticky papers from 5 giant trees in central Taiwan, 56﹪
are Diptera, 25﹪ are Homoptera,14% are Hymenoptera.All trees
carry high diversity of insects.Each giant tree serves as the
niche of biotic island in disturbed environment.
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