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dc.contributor.authorLin, Yu-Yuen_US
dc.identifier.citation[1]R.Jones and C.wykes,“Holographicand Speckle Interferometry ,” Cambrideg, UK, (1983). [2]A.J.Moore and J.R.Tyrer,”Pahse-stepped ESPI and moire’ interf- erometry for measuring the stress-intensity factor and Jintergral,” Exp.Mech., vol.35,pp. 306-314 (1995). [3]J.N.Butters and J.A.Leendertz,”A double exposure technique for speckle pattern interferometry,” J.Phys.E,vol 4,pp.277-279 (1971). [4]J.N.Butters, Jand J.A.Leendertz,”Holographic and Video technique Applied to Engineering Measurement,” Journal of Measurement and Control, vol 4, pp.349-354 (1971). [5]Liu-Sheng Wang, K.Jambunathan, Brian N. Dobbins, Shi-Ping He,”Measure ment of three-dimensional surface shape and deformations using phase stepping speckling interferometry.” Optical engineering, vol. 35(8),pp. 2333-2340(1996). [6]H. H. Hopkins and H. J. Tiziani ,”Speckling in diffraction patterns and optical images formed with the laser,” Proc. Int. Symp. Hologr. , Besancon , (1970). [7]Hedser van Brug “Temporal phase unwrapping and its application in sherography system.”Opt. Vol 37, No28 (1998). [8]Burning, D. R.Herriott , J.E.Gallagher , D.P.Rosenfeld, A.D.white And D.J Brangaccio,”Digital Wavefront Measure Interferometry for testing Optical surfaces and Lenses,”Appl.Opt.,Vol.13,pp.2693(1974) [9]Y. Cheng and J.C. Wyant ,”Phase shifter calibration in phase-shifting interferometry”, Applied Optics. 24 , 3049 (1985). [10]W. Zheng and Y. S. Tan ,”Accurate holographic interferometry app- ication of phase steping technique”,Acta Optica SIinica,11,376 (1991). [11]K. Creath ,”Temporal Phase Measurement Methods,” in interfero- gram Analysis ed. D. W. Robinson and G. T. Reid ,Institute of physics Publishing , pp.94 , (1988). [12]P. Hariharan, B. F. Oreb , and T. Eijux ,”Digital phase-shift interferometry a simple error-compensating phase calculation algorithm,” Applied Optics., Vol.26, pp.2504, (1987). [13]R. Cusack,J.M. Huntley and H.T. Goldgrein, “Improved noise immune phase unwrappingalgorithm,”Appl.Opt.,Vol.34pp. 781 -789 (1995). [14]J.M. Huntley and H. Huntley,“Temporal phase-unwrapping algor- thm for automated interferometry analysis,” Appl. Opt.,Vol. 32(17), pp.3047-3052 (1993). [15]H.O. Salder and J.M. Huntley, “Temporal phase unwrapping: Application to surface profiling of discontinuous object, ” Appl Opt. vol. 36(13),pp.2770-2775 (1997). [16]W. W. Macy,“Two-dimensional fringe-pattern analysis,”Appl. Opt. vol. 22,pp. 3898-3901 (1983). [17]D.C. Ghiglia, G.A. Mastin and L ARomero,“Cellular-automata method for phaseunwrapping,”J.Opt.Soc. Am. A vol. 14(10),pp 276-280 (1987). [18]Spik and D.W. Robinson, “Investigation of the cellular automata method for phase unwrapping and its implementation on an array processor. ”Optics and Laser in Engineering, Vol. 14 pp.25-37 (1991). [19]M.J. Huang and Cian-Jhih Lai,“Phase unwrapping based on a parallel noise-immune algorithm,”Optics and Laser technology vol. 34,pp 457-464 (2002). [20]陳森案,“相位重建之影像處理技術應用於光學量測之研究,”中興大學機械工程學系研究所碩士論文, 中華民國九十一年七月 [21]郭昆泯,“調控式平行相位還原法參數選擇及還原結果最佳化研究,”中興大學機械工程學系研究所碩士論文, 中華民國九十四年七月zh_TW
dc.description.abstract在時間域相位展開的理論裡,必須要在同一個時間內取的幾張不同相位的圖,來求得我們欲求的相位圖。本論文利用四分之ㄧ波板(Quarter-wave plate),偏極板(polarizer),極化分光鏡(Polarized Beam-Splitter, PBS),分光鏡(Beam-Splitter),CCD相機…等,光學元件,並且利用時間域相位展開的架構,來求出試件的表面形貌,最後在利用實驗室所提出來的相位還原技術將我們所拍攝出來的相位圖還原成原來的形貌。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractTemporal phase unwrapping is applied to a two-camera polarization phase stepped system.This method can be applied directly for detection of phase change as a function of time.In this paper, we use Quarter-wave plate, polarizer Polarized, Beam-Splitter, Beam-Splitter, CCD camera in measurement of discontinuous phase map.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents誌謝 i 摘要 ii Abstract iii 目錄 iv 圖目錄 vii 表目錄 ix 第一章 緒論 1 1-1研究動機與方向 1 1-2 論文大綱 2 第二章 電子斑點干涉術及相移干涉術之簡介 3 2-1電子斑點干涉術基本原理 3 2-1-1斑點之成因 4 2-1-2 ESPI干涉原理 5 2-2 ESPI面內架設及原理 7 2-3 ESPI面外架設及原理 11 2-4 ESPI在時間域上的相位量測 13 2-5相移干涉術之原理與簡介 15 2-5-1三步相移 16 2-5-2四步相移 17 2-5-3 五步相移 18 2-5-4四分之ㄧ波板 19 第三章 相位展開技術回顧 20 3-1包裹現象的成因 20 3-2相位展開技術概論 21 3-3相位展開的基本分類 22 3-4空間域相位展開法 22 3-4-1路徑相依相位展開法 22 3-4-2路徑獨立相位展開法 24 3-4-3調控式平行相位展開法 26 3-5時間域相位展開法 31 3-5-1 ESPI架設 31 3-5-2結構光架設 37 第四章 時間域上的實驗架設及量測 40 4-1 量測系統與設備 40 4-2 實驗架設 41 4-3 實驗結果 46 4-3 結果討論 52 第五章 結論與未來展望 53 參考文獻 54zh_TW
dc.subjecttemporal phase unwrappingen_US
dc.titleThe study for measurement technique of discontinuous phase map in temporal phase unwrappingen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
item.openairetypeThesis and Dissertation-
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