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標題: 應用負載相移法於延遲相位之量測研究
Applying load stepping technique on the measurement of phase retardation
作者: 吳秉璋
Wu, Ping-Chang
關鍵字: load stepping;負載相移法;phase unwrapping;retardation;相位展開;相對延遲量
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The main purpose of this paper is to improvement of isochromatics wrapped phase map can make the phase to unwrap successfully and get the physical quantity we want to know. There is a peculiar problem of isochromatic interaction in Phase-shifting techniques of photoelasticity. After separately obtains the load stepping the different six luminous intensities map, to get wrapped phase map. In phase unwapping technique to enable its smoothly to unwrap completely and obtains the entire field phase map.
The computer simulation results obtained for disk-in-compression tests in load stepping presented here in comparison with theoretical solutions demonstrate that these methods are both simple to use and very accurate. Finally, we use pulling force in actual test sample to prove its phase map.
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