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標題: 應用影像處理技術進行形貌不連續之區域搬移相位展開技術研究
The study for regional unwrapping technique on phase unwrapping of physical discontinuities by image processing
作者: 吳宗燁
Wu, Zong-Ye
關鍵字: adaptive parallel phase unwrapping method;調控式平行相位展開法;image processing;regional unwrapping technique;影像處理;區域搬移相位展開
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文提出的方法以調控式平行相位展開法當作理論之基礎,藉由此法取得多個不同的搬移組合圖,並且配合影像處理上之技術,如物件編號(component labeling)、細線化(thinning)、端點搜尋以及型態學(morphology)之技術等,利用這些方法克服高雜訊所產生的問題,擬合取得形貌不連續線,將欲處理之包裹相位圖區域化,藉以完成區域搬移相位展開的方法。

In this paper, we provide a new phase unwrapping method which based on adaptive parallel phase unwrapping method and image processing technique. According to the characteristics of adaptive parallel phase unwrapping method, the jump range of wrapped phase map will be found during unwrapping. Image processing technique, which includes component labeling, thinning, endpoint finding and morphological operators, are used to overcome the influence of noise and physical discontinuities in unwrapping processing. The new method not only fits the line of physical discontinuities in phase map, but also segments the wrapped phase map. In this new method, the unwrapping processing by regional unwrapping technique will be correct.
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