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標題: 受碰撞限制含撓性軸承支撐剛性軸系統非線性振動響應之探討
Studies of Nonlinear Vibration Responses of Bearing-Supported Shaft Systems Subjected to Collision Constraints
作者: 凌玉揚
Ling, Yung-Yang
關鍵字: Vibration;碰撞;Bearing;Collision;Constraint;撓性軸承;非線性;振動
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The objective of this thesis is to develop a model for studying of nonlinear vibration of bearing-supported rigid shaft systems subjected to collision constraints. The system consists of a rigid shaft and a rigid disk. The shaft is supported by bearings which are modeled as springs and dampers. The kinetic energy and the potentail energy of the system are derived. The work done by supported forces of bearings are also considered. By using the Lagrange equations, the equations of motion of the bearing-supported shaft systems are derived. Next, the geometrical constraints when the collision occurs are found. At last, the relations between the velocities of the shaft before and after impact are determind.

Analyses of transient responses of systems with and without collision are carried out, and are compared with those obtained using linearized equations of motion. Then, the individual influence of the parameters such as coefficient of restitution, bearing stiffness, the locations of bearings and collision constraints on the dynamic responses are investigated.
其他識別: U0005-2608200800275100
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