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標題: 臺灣公共圖書館行政法人化可行性之研究-以國立臺中圖書館為例
The Feasible Study on Public Library toward Administrative Corporation in Taiwan: Case Analysis of NTL
作者: 陳嘉雯
Chen, Chia-Wen
關鍵字: public library;公共圖書館;administrative corporation;行政法人
出版社: 國家政策與公共事務研究所
近年來,各國政府改造受新公共管理(New Public Management,NPM)理念的影響,組織與人事的精簡是政府改造策略的主軸之一。個人基於工作上的動機、政府改造的動機與改造方向的動機,以文獻資料分析法為主,試圖探究公共圖書館行政法人化之可行性,並以國立臺中圖書館(National Taichung Library,NTL)為個案研究對象。

Due to the influence of New Public Management, the downsizing of organization and manpower has been one of the main strategies of government reform around the world in recent years. Based on the motives of her occupation, the government reform, and the directions of the reform, the researcher intends to investigate the feasibility of instituting the administrative corporation system in Taiwan's public libraries mainly with the analysis of relevant literature. The subject of this study is the National Taichung Library.
The reforms of public organizations are usually limited to local restructuring of business or human resources due to the characteristics, legal status, and rights and power public organizations. They usually fail to breathe new life into the organizations and to meet the expectations of the society. In view of this inadequacy, Taiwan's government reform focuses on de-tasking, localization, outsourcing, and the administrative coporation system. Based on the administrative corporation system and experience of the U.K., Taiwan's administrative corporation system establishes a legal person of the public law that is independent from the traditional administrative organizations with an aim to eliminate the long-running public-private dichotomy.
Due to the rapid development of information technology, every public library of Taiwan has to undergo transformation or changes in order to get adapted to the dynamic environment. Needlessly to say, the National Taichung Library is no exception.
The research results show that:
1. Taiwan's public libraries are in the period of functional transformation.
2. The administrative corporation system is one of the options of organizational development for Taiwan's public libraries rather than the only option.
3. National Taichung Library is now undergoing transformation and the experience can serve as reference for other public libraries.
The researcher offers the following suggestions:
1. Public libraries should be given different functions depending on their locations in order to offset the regional information and/or knowledge inadequacy.
2. Neutral and thorough evaluations should be made before the administrative corporation system is instituted in Taiwan's public libraries, especially the organization reform of public libraries.
3. Since National Taichung Library can serve as the role model for similar organizational development among other public libraries, any organization reform should be adjusted to its functions and characteristics.
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