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標題: 承受空間中固定外力之複合材料軸-圓盤系統動態響應之探討
Studies of Dynamic Responses of Composite Shaft-Disk Systems Subjected to Spatial-Fixed External Loads
作者: 廖榮川
Liao, Rong-Chuan
關鍵字: Composite;複合材料;Shaft-Disk Systems;軸-圓盤系統
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The objective of this thesis is to investigate dynamic responses of composite shaft-disk systems subjected to spatial-fixed external loads. The system included a composite shaft and a flexible disk. The disk is fixed on the shaft. The shaft is supported by bearings which are simulated by springs and dampers. Referring to the rotating coordinate systems that are fixed on the shaft and the disk, the kinetic energy and the strain energy of the system, as well as the work done by the reaction forces of bearings has been derived previously. In this thesis, the geometric stiffness and the internal structural damping are further included and the work done by the spatial-fixed external load is obtained. Then, by employing the Hamilton's principle together with the finite element method, the equations of motion of the composite shaft system containing flexible disks subjected to a space-fixed load spinning at constant speed are derived. Next, the mode summation method is used to determine the dynamic responses of system.
In the numerical examples, first, the responses of non-spinning cantilever isotropic shaft-disk systems are analyzed. The results are shown in agreement with those obtained using software ANSYS. Furthermore, the flexible disks clamped at its inner edge , the flexible shaft-disk and the flexible shaft-rigid disks systems are studied. In addition, the stiffening effect produced by the centrifugal forces in the circular disk on the natural frequencies of flexible shaft-disk are analyzed.
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