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標題: Mapping the centromere of chromosome 6 by using B-A translocation in maize
以玉米 B-A 易位染色體標定第六對染色體之中節位置
作者: 林弘茂
Lin, Hong-Mao
關鍵字: centromere;中節;maize;translocation chromosome;玉米;易位染色體
出版社: 分子生物學研究所
The centromere of chromosome 6 was physically mapped by hypoploids of TB-6Lc and TB-6Sa generated by maize B-A
translocations. The hypoploid from TB-6Lc is deficient for almost the entire length of the paternal long arm, while the hypoploid
TB-6Sa is deficient for the paternal short arm. RFLP markers located on the long arm will lose the paternal signal on hypoploid from
TB-6Lc , and those RFLP markers located on short arm will not possess the paternal signal on hypoploid from TB-6Sa . Then the map
position of the centromere is located between two RFLP markers close to the translocation breakpoints on both arms. The result of this
study maps the centromere of chromosome 6 in the bnl6.29-bnl7.28 region , an interval of about 2 to 3 cM. The position of
traslocation breakpoint was also defined, TB-6Lc in the csu71-bnl7.28 region, TB-6Sa in the uaz102-bnl6.29 region.
In addition to centromeric location other interesting observations were found in this study. The hypoploids of TB-6Lc and TB-6Sa
werefound to be associated with the chromosome rearrangement near or at the translocation breakpoint. The other observation is that
the RFLP marker bnl7.28 shows homology with the B chromosome.

本論文利用玉米 B-A 易位染色體 TB-6Lc 和 TB-6Sa 所產生的亞倍體,標定第六對染色體中節位置。TB-6Lc 亞倍體
幾乎缺失父本染色體整個長臂,而 TB-6Sa 缺失同一染色體的短臂。一個 RFLP 標誌的父本訊號如果不出現在
TB-6Lc 亞倍體 DNA 上,表示它位於長臂上。同理,標誌的父本訊號如果不顯現在 TB-6Sa 亞倍體 DNA 上,它就
中節位於 RFLP 標誌 bnl6.29 和 bnl7.28 之間,區域大小約為 2 至 3 cM。本結果也顯示 TB-6Lc 亞倍體的斷裂點位於
csu71 和 bnl7.28 之間,TB-6Sa 的的斷裂點在 uaz102 和 bnl6.29 之間。
情形。另一是 RFLP 標誌 bnl7.28 與 B 染色體具同源性。
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