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標題: 利用虛擬環境創造一個綁住顧客的服務創新-以台灣積體電路公司為例
Utilizing Virtual Environment to Create a Service Innovation to Bind Customers- A Study of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
作者: 朱丕中
Chu, Pei-Chung
關鍵字: service innovation;Array服務創新 結構結合 顧客利益 虛擬環境 虛擬工廠;structural bonds;customers' benefits;virtual environment;virtual factory
出版社: 科技管理研究所
The buyer-seller relationship, which focuses on approaches to build, develop and maintain all successful relational exchanges (Berry, 1983; Morgan&Hunt, 1994; Grönroos, 1994), has become an important issue recently. How to build and maintain customer loyalty has, therefore, become a sustainable competitive advantage for enterprises.
Semiconductor advancements present not only great opportunities, but also great challenges. In order to become a customer oriented enterprise, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) proposes a new concept of “Virtual factory (VF)”. The results indicate that service innovation of TSMC's eFoundry can strengthen structural bonds, structural bonds can enhance customers' benefits. TSMC not only provides on line services that include design, engineering, and logistics, but also we can see some customers' benefits from creation of service innovation.
In this paper, we intend to discuss a successful case using internet technologies to deliver services and explore ways of service innovation to bind customers in virtual environment by TSMC.

摘 要
過去十年關係行銷中,買賣者雙方的關係是一個重要的議題,它專注於建立、發展和維持所有成功關係的改變(Berry, 1983; Morgan&Hunt, 1994; Grönroos, 1994)。因此,如何建立和維持顧客的忠誠度,變成每一家企業保持競爭力的命脈。
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