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標題: A Framework for Strategic Planning of E-Business Investment - A Case Study in a Fabless Company
作者: Chen, Yu-Pang
關鍵字: 策略規劃;Strategic Planning;企業電子化;資訊系統;E-Business;information system
出版社: 電子商務研究所

More and more companies are facing unprecedented challenge in business management because of fasting development of information technology and trend of e-Business. Under numerous researches about information management, this one focus on discussing the decision model of implementing new information system. According to the theory of strategic information system in the literatures, this research proposed a integrated framework for strategic planning for information system selection to help enterprise with choosing the suitable information technology when engaging in e-Business process. This framework structure can help the managers to plan an e-Business solution fit with the internal business process and competence status and satisfy needs of inside and outside users.
This research has combined the strategic thrust matrix in strategic information system planning theory and analytic hierarchy process to construct a decision supporting structure in the competitive environment. In order to enhance the decision ability of enterprise, the framework will produce a IS solution under considering in customer, competitor, business process.
This research is to regard a fabless company as the research object, and make the company actually operate the framework of this research to makes an information system decision. by having a depth interview with the manager of the company and survey every business management dimension, we try to generalize what kind of problem they face right now and then find any possible e-Business solutions. after finding all candidates of information system for e-Business, we found there is no one could be get the highest ranking in all dimensions. This result The result is not unexpected for us, therefore, we believe that managers need to make decision that trade off between corporate strategic goal and limit of resource.
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